When was the last time I wrote here? I never expected this kind of laziness to write. Hence this writing hiatus. It’s as if I am always tired to put my thoughts and experiences into words. A lot has happened to me for such period of time. But it can be expressed in only one word: lost. I have been wandering without a goal in life these past weeks. My spirituality became more and more bland. I judged people, friends and even my family. I felt several light-years away from God. But here I am now, trying to regain my sanity. The temptations are still there but with this kind of struggle, I hope to win each day. Thanks to that priest who reminded me that it is already midyear and though it is halfway, it is never too late to renew. I just have to accept who I am and ask for His grace. Besides, there is that girl who loves me so much even if most of the time I tend to think I am not yet sure of her. I care for her but the eyes and the mind are struggling with the heart. Add to that the family issues between us. O this is life. I pray everything will be clear in the end.


May gusto ka bang sabihin? :)

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