Colorless [Radio]


Today I had a terrible day with Radiology. Let us put it this way. In, Radiology, there is what is called View Box. Every student will be assigned for a particular disease/radiologic films to discuss. Now what I initially considered as a challenge became a devastating test for my being a student. I was scolded for being not sure of what I am discussing in front of the class. I think it is already given that we students are not sure of what we see in the Xray plates. What I cannot accept is that every time I lecture in front there are big chances that I would not make it. I tend to be more confused and forgetful despite my preparations. Right now, while writing this, I still have some tachycardia. Just a while ago, like from the previous viewbox discussions I finished, I also had episodes of tachycardia. I feel so nervous as if something bad has happened to me. I want to change this. Sometimes I pray, sometimes I do deep-breathing. Nevertheless, it is still there. I hope I will be able to conquer this as I want to become a lecturer of clinical medicine in the future.

Right now, these are the only methods I can think of, to at least minimize this human nature problem of mine.

1. Prepare and read early.

2. Write a script. Long hand preferably.

3. Continue deep breathing and try strategies that would minimize my concern.

4. Pray.


May gusto ka bang sabihin? :)

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