Pitches and Drawbacks [ENT]


Our rotation in Otorhinolaryngology has ended. With just a week, my prospect field, that is, Internal Medicine, gradually waned as ENT tickled my interest in both its clinical and surgical aspects. I want to be a clinician and at the same time a surgeon. Ophthalmology and other fields also offer that but it is the ORL that awed me. One wonderful thing in this field is having a good grasp of the head and neck architecture in order to operate successfully. (Unfortunately, during this rotation, I studied ENT anatomy only up to some extent thinking that I will just master its details once I train in this field in the near future). Besides, being a specialist of the head and neck does not mean I can set aside systemic symptoms. In order to manage patients well, I must see to it that I have a useful knowledge of hypertension, diabetes and other warning signs of systemic symtoms/diseases. One drawback I can think of in this field is seeing the gag reflex (which psychologically affects me to vomit also) as well as causing pain as tubes/scopes are placed into every hole on the patient’ face (good thing, there is anesthesia but it is, of course, not indicated all the time).

In terms of the actual rotation, there is one thing I noticed in PGH ORL Department. They let the patient stay in front during conferences. I disagree with that and I entirely believe that it is unnecessary. For instance, our patient asked for privacy, so we had to cover his eyes in our presentation slides. Letting him stay in front even if we are doctors and student doctors is still derogatory and defeated the purpose of covering his eyes in the slides. Just think of us a crowd all in white observing one patient in front. Now, if the consultant wants to examine him, he should have done it after or before the conference.


May gusto ka bang sabihin? :)

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