Click [Pharma]


I accepted the task to compile outputs from the SGD and make a powerpoint presentation out of them. It was my first time to assist the presenter by manning the slides show. I can say such work is not simple as what clicking for the next slide seems to be. Edge as the reporter has his heartbeats on the rise but it seemed that my heartbeat was also racing with his. Once I deplored such task because of its tedious nature. I just realized that a presenter and the powerpoint maker should be separate but should help each other especially in the fluency of the report. I remember my mistake when I was in second year: presenting a case,  the script and powerpoint slides of which were all my toil. I was ashamed to request for a script then or ask someone to make a powerpoint presentation for me, thinking that I can make it just the way I presented my undergrad thesis. But in medicine, that kind of strategy will not usually work. There’s a lot to think of and talk about that would make a single trying-hard jack-of-all-trades lose his sanity. Maybe when the time comes that we already mastered our topics like the consultants, we can click on our own.


May gusto ka bang sabihin? :)

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