Crab [OB]


Today my patient in Gyne Onco was GS. She was 60 year old so I called her Nay from time to time. I had a good conversation with her while we were waiting for the fellow to check her internal genitalia. Soon the fellow arrived and IEd her. Bloody. Then my turn. Blood gushed for the second time as my naive hand checked her. One thing I want to share about my patient is her willingness for me to learn so she allowed me to have that internal exam. That is because she learned that we were training to be doctors. And probably because I as a student was able to let her be examined before the day ends. She was worried that it is again possible not to be seen by the doctor because of the number of patient. And I did something for her to be checked up. After the PE, I left her to the care of the fellow. However, I was able to listen to the doctor’s instruction to the patients we examined. That was when I saw the gloomy face of my patient upon hearing the number of cycles of therapy and the amount of money to be prepared. Oncology is indeed a different discipline for me. It makes me feel something I cannot yet explain. Cancer is really a crab, it pulls you down.


May gusto ka bang sabihin? :)

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