Test of Values


Today is the last day of OBGyne. Test of values, because during the exams, the first page of my test paper had answers. My initial decision upon noticing it was to look at my classmates to see if they have the same reaction as mine. I was not able to see any in their faces. And so I opted to answer it by copying the same answers, although I know the answers of some questions. Yes. I made a bad decision out of previous situations when we face the same thing in class. We just leave it as is and copy the answers upon the instructions of the proctor. I even noticed that I am the only one without a number 8 item which I reported to the proctor. Nevertheless, my lost mind never bothered, or forgot to report the case of the first page.

Before the feedback, I was surprised that I was the only one with that kind of test paper. I began to think. Fortunately, a friend told me of the right way in that test of values, which I initially dread to act on because of possible reproach from Dr. Antonio. Thank God everything went well.


May gusto ka bang sabihin? :)

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