Secrets [Pedia]


Today we had been exposed to adolescent patients. And the HEADSSS way of interview is the primary focus. It is difficult to take history in this kind of patients for the first time. They even ask us if such information are really necessary to be revealed. Thanks to my partner Jhing. She is really a good historian that sometimes, out of my disordered way of communicating with people, I just add on some questions so as not to disrupt her way of taking history. When I forgot that our small-for-his-age GIN patient has to be examined with privacy, she reminded me that the patient is in his early adolescence.

Today I was also disappointed of myself for being incomplete in PE, and not checking Traube’s space when it is necessary. But at the least, I was relieved for some moments because I accept my flaw. I did not bother to make a false finding.


May gusto ka bang sabihin? :)

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