Kamusta Ka, Kabataan? [Com Med]


The title of the activity was the idea of Jhing, our LO as well as the leader of the group (Renz, Roger, me). Today, we had the pinnacle of our rotation in Brgy. 193, Pasay City — being with the kabataan of the community. Right at the start of our rotation, I shared to Jhing that I want to be closer with the youth, and be involved with them, because I want to do that when I go back home. Unfortunately, I am still being pruned in terms of public speaking and community participation. At least, I know where I am coming from. I am still a student that is why I am limited to be involve in our community at home. I do not want to let people know that I am becoming more involve in our community just because I want to be known as a future doctor. Yes I want to be utilized in my own community but I think I am not equipped. I cannot create a game plan alone. I have no members to brainstorm with. Most especially, I have no budget of my own and I do not want to get something from the barangay as my immersion is not part of their community plans at all.

Going back to our immersion in Brgy. 193, I realized that I am always thinking if my work (or our work, in particular) is having an impact or not to the listeners. I tried to look at the young faces around me and wonder on what ideas are possibly within those heads.

As to Community Medicine as a field, I initially told myself that Com Med is not med at all. But now, I want to believe that community medicine is medical yet not clinical. It is community immersion, deciphering on what medical and non-medical activities can we as doctors share to the field, and probably as much as possible, avoid the clinical.


May gusto ka bang sabihin? :)

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