I accept your apology. And I’m also sorry.


– this is the note Jhing wrote to me, after an awkward incident, I retained the title as well

I was thinking about this during my ride home.


“A true gentleman should not display special treatment towards a girl unless he has definite plans of courting her, and he should not make concrete plans unless he receives a clear go signal from the Lord.”


This was shared to me by the last person I liked (in a romantic kind of way). I’m really thankful he mentioned this to me though he apologized too for not being able to apply this in our relationship (but not in a romantic kind of way).


What you and I we’re doing–teasing each other–is really funny. I actually enjoy laughing out with you guys because of this but just today, I realized that soon it will bring harm. It’s like compromising each other’s feelings. As Sharmie told me before, “If you really love a person, you will protect his/her feelings.” For example, you wouldn’t want people to be teasing Tintin as this will compromise her feelings and may hurt her. In the same way, you should not do this to other people unless you don’t truly care about them. And since you apologized already, I accept your sorry and forgive you.


This brought me to another realization—this rule applies to me as well. You are a very good friend. I truly value and admire you as a person and appreciate the way you treat me as your little sister, and I want to protect that. I don’t want to compromise you and your feelings either. My sincerest apologies to you, Kuya. I hope you can forgive me.


May gusto ka bang sabihin? :)

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