Nagpunta kaming Brgy. 143 sa Pasay, para magtuli. Before going there, I was in a dilemma of whether I’ll be going to Pasay or just attend the kite flying with my other two friends at the Quirino field. Conflicting thoughts came to my mind. I am not worthy to play with leukemic kids because first, I flunk the Surgery OSCE. I’d rather be in a surgical mission than be with kids and try my best to feel undisturbed. Besides, I am a bit envious of my friends. They are safe, and of course, I am not. 

Nung tulian na, I assisted first (thanks Aidz) since I know I am not yet competent. I once participated in a circumcision session in our barangay but I hardly remember the procedures. But eventually I remembered everything once I saw the procedures being done.

Iyakan ang mga bata. My patient Jayson did not. One thing awkward during this operation is that I cut the foreskin so long. I think it was good enough since his prepuce is actually long. The end result is a flowery suture. Andaming knots more than 6. Kawawa si Jayson, but I just kept talking to comfort him. Something came to my mind: I am doing something with the creation of our God. 

Summer na nga pala. At andito pa rin ako.


May gusto ka bang sabihin? :)

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