An Incident Report


This is to narrate the circumstances that happened to patient MGD, 22, G3P2 (2002), as far as I am concerned. I was not the SIC of the patient and was not the one who assessed the baseline VS and FHT. At around 7:40-7:50 PM, I was asked to look for a stretcher for a new admission which was supposedly for the said patient. I was able to obtain one but since she was not yet there when I brought the stretcher, the stretcher was given to another patient (either for conduction to Perinatology Center or for the scheduled tracing of IMU patients).

The patient eventually came and since there is difficulty getting a vacant stretcher (i.e. transferring stable patients from their stretcher going to the nearby beds), the patient was just sitting on a stool next to an occupied stretcher near the door. All of a sudden, a new patient with cord prolapse was admitted and rushed inside. That time I was looking for another stretcher, which I was able to provide to the patient, after which I hooked her to the tocodynamometer. I volunteered to do the tracing since I had still no patient then and there is no procedure yet, at the same time, the SIC (Intern WM) was assigned for the 8 PM monitoring. According to the flag of the patient, the FHT was 150’s at the right lower quadrant. However, I had difficulty looking for the fetal heart tones even if I was using the ultrasound probe. There was a reading of 138 bpm but this did not stay for long, although I noticed that there was a fetal kick and I remember saying to the patient, “Maam ang likot naman ng baby niyo.” Still, I was not able to locate a consistent FHT at the RLQ and so I opted to check it on the other possible quadrants. I eventually referred the patient to the RIC (Dr. F) who advised me to just listen to Dr. T near the door who was talking to the other students about the patient with cord prolapse.

During this time, the doctors were having difficulty looking for FHT so I was asked to change the ultrasound probe with the other probes. They then referred the patient to Dr. T. Patient was eventually sent to Perinatology Center and eventually came back with the unfortunate news.


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