After some decades of inactivity in blogging, here I come back. I have just decided, writing is one diversion to do away from doing nasty things in life.

Today, we started in Psychiatry. What more interesting if it was started by Dr. Vista, one of the consultants I remember from last year. He introduced something that his resident psychiatrists are bypassing in therapeutic management of a patient diagnosed to have just a Normal Psychological Reaction to Illness. And that is something beyond Supportive Psychiatry. He claims that it is not just something he conjured. He says it has neurologic basis.

The idea is to spark the patient’s neocortex with facts thereby inhibiting the paleocortex, the realm of feelings and emotions. By talking about anything factual to the patient, we do away from the emotional reflexes, decreasing the tachycardia and restlessness of the patient. Then after some time, ask the patient’s feelings, then go back to facts again. Hence, the title of this entry.

It does not take a psychiatrist to do this, according to Dr. Vista, and, this should be done in the premise of a non-psychiatric patient.

I hope I’ll be able to do this in the coming years.


May gusto ka bang sabihin? :)

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