This entry is a tribute to a man who unintentionally showed to me how it is to become a gentleman, a real man. He must be half-Filipino half-Arabian. He was tall and dark with a pointed nose. At first I thought he was a foreigner who is somewhat involve in the scene. But why would he be accompanying the patient. Later I found out he is the boyfriend of her sister. He was speaking in Tagalog. He claims he has long known her father, who is a seaman coming home every 7 or 9 months only. It turned out he is the only man who can become the father/brother-figure who cannot be around during the hard times. The mother and sister cannot come, most probably from the emotional burden that has just strike them. And so this man became that haligi, caring for his girlfriend’s sister to accompany to the police station and to the hospital. This man showed to me the opposite of what the perpetrator has done. Imagine that event that the rape victim went through. Your life is at the mercy of the perpetrator’s decision or insanity to just rape you or even kill you. Thanks to the Lord, the suspect was caught.


May gusto ka bang sabihin? :)

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